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Restylane Silk: Improve Appearance Around And In Lips

This new filler is intended only for the sensitive area surrounding and inside the lips, and it is produced by the reputable company that brought you the first hyaluronic gel Restylane. One of the first doctors in New Jersey to offer this treatment is Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, who is also the Restylane SILK physician trainer. The treatment is only available to a select group of medical professionals.

What Is It?

Patients who have lines around their mouths and lips can have Restylane Silk, a translucent hyaluronic acid gel, injected. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, which functions as a lubricant and defensive gel. The recently approved substance Restylane Silk may smooth out creases around the mouth and give patients’ lips more fullness.

How Does It Work?

Over the course of two weeks, a doctor may inject Restylane Silk one or two times as needed into a patient’s lips and around their mouth to treat wrinkles. The cream smooths out wrinkles around the mouth and briefly plumps up the lips. The impact lasts for around half a year.

When Is It Used?

Patients with thin or extremely thin lips over the age of 21 can utilize Restylane Silk. The gel temporarily plumps up the skin, potentially making lips appear fuller and reducing creases around the mouth.

What Will It Accomplish?

Restylane Silk has the potential to plump up lips and reduce creases surrounding the mouth. In order to get the ideal lip volume and wrinkle look, patients require one or two injections. The impact lasts for around half a year.


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