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Chemical Peels In New Jersey

The variety of skin problems that can be treated successfully by Dr. Rapaport’s highly effective Chemical Peel series include:

What is typical chemical peel in NJ?

A chemical peel, as the name implies, uses particular chemical solutions that are applied to the face. These chemical solutions can range from glycolic acid, which is softer, to trichloroacetic acid, which is deeper and more medium-toned. They are usually transparent. These solutions intentionally cause harm to the skin’s exterior layers in order to separate them from the inner layers. This allows the skin’s natural healing process to begin and promotes the skin that is not injured underneath. After a few days, the affected skin will start to peel off. Chemical peels are frequently used to treat sun-damaged skin and specific forms of acne. In addition, it can aid with wrinkles, blotches, and uneven pigmentation, among other skin imperfections.

What can it fix?

Dr. Rapaport’s chemical peels in the New Jersey area are a good way to address skin imperfections like wrinkles, freckles, liver spots, sunspots, and age spots. Additionally, it is used to treat blotchiness, sun damage, moderate scarring, and certain forms of acne. Although it can be applied to any area of the body, a chemical peel is typically utilized on the face.

Why does DR. Rapaport suggest chemical peeling series instead of one deeper peel?

Research indicates that a sequence of chemical peels, applied regularly over a brief period of time, is markedly more efficacious than a single, thorough operation. Based on these discoveries, Dr. Rapaport created a method that allows you to get the same outcomes without having to endure a protracted recovery period: a series of medium peels that mimic the effects of a single deep treatment.

What are the treatments like?

Each person reacts differently to the peel sequence. The treatment takes around 20 minutes in most circumstances. Soon after, generally before leaving the premises, you may feel tingly and a little red. After that, after two to five days, there is a slight peeling. This continues for almost five days. In New Jersey, peels are done three times every two weeks for optimal results. Certain drugs and moisturizers may be administered together with detailed usage instructions to assist exfoliate the skin safely.



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