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Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

What are pearly penile papules?

A typical benign dome-shaped growth on the corona of the penis that affects many males are pearly penile papules, also known as angiofibromas of the penis. Patients who have genital warts commonly confuse them with them. Pearly penile papules, or PPPs, are benign and do not spread sexually, but they can have a significant psychological impact on patients. Concerns about the lesions’ appearance and the possibility that their sexual partners may mistake them for an STD plague many patients.
For angiofibromas or pearly penile papules, laser therapy is a secure and reliable option. Pearly penile papules can usually be successfully treated with a single CO2 laser session. Dr. Rapaport has successfully treated many patients and has had remarkable success using laser therapy to improve pearly penile papules.

See Dr. Rapaport to go over your options if you have pearly penile papules and would like a safe, painless, and successful therapy. For scheduling purposes, please contact us at (201) 731-2425


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