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Can you remove a wart with duct tape? According to one study, it was indicated that warts were better obliterated by the industrial tape rather than by traditional freezing. The study was conducted by placing duct tape over the wart for almost a week. After about six days, the warts were rubbed with a pumice stone or something abrasive and soaked in warm water. The process was done again and again for up to eight weeks. Other studies could not corroborate the findings that duct tape was effective in treating warts. However, before treating warts at home, its best to confirm with a healthcare professional that what you have is a wart and not some other kind of skin growth. This will insure that you don’t injure yourself.

Treating warts at home is easy with over the counter treatments from a pharmacy. There are solutions and patches that are seventeen percent Salicylic Acid. These treatments need to be used every day for multiple weeks.

A few product brands advertise that they can remove warts “with a few treatments”. A couple of over-the-counter products are the Occlusal-HP and Compound W.

Warts are infectious and contagious. They are caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus). If someone who had the virus touches a surface and another person touches the same surface or object that could potentially transmit the virus to them.

You can recognize warts by their skin-like coloring and rough skin or they can be flat, dark and have a smooth surface.

Warts can sometimes contain “wart seeds” or tiny black dots of clotted blood vessels. This means they can bleed if cut or picked at. There may be a single wart or in multiple warts growing in bunches.


Warts can grow on hands near broken skin. Those who bite their fingernails can be more susceptible.

The soles of the feet are also called plantar area of the feet. Plantar warts grow in this area. If plantar warts grow in bunches on the bottom on the feet, this is called mosaic warts. Walking on these warts can push the wart up into the skin causing mild to severe pain.

Irritation from areas that are shaved like men’s faces and women’s legs are more susceptible to flat warts, although they can appear on any part of the body. These warts are smooth and grow in larger number.

Warts contracted through sexual contact are called genital warts. They can effect both outside and inside of the genitalia.

People with strong immune systems are less likely to get a cold, same goes for warts. Some people will contract warts and others will not, as the wart virus affects people in different ways.

There are a few ways to remove warts when all other over the counter treatments have not worked. Electorsurgery is the burning off of warts. The opposite of that is cryotherapy or freezing. These are laser treatments and are the last resort when less evasive treatments have not helped. Salicylic Acid can be used to peel the skin off the wart. Lastly, Retinoid which comes from vitamin A, is very good at interrupting the growth of skin cells within the wart.

As soon as you notice a new wart, treat it immediately to prevent any spreading of the virus to the surrounding areas.


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