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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in New Jersey (Blepharoplasty NJ)

As we age, loose or puffy skin can develop around the eyes. This can be exceedingly frustrating in that the excess skin can make us appear more tired or older than we are. By surgically enhancing the areas around the eyes, our “windows to the soul,” the entire face is given a more youthful, rested appearance.

Dr. Boss’s surgical technique’s focus on removing fatty bulges above and below the eyes, as well as removing hanging skin from the upper or lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty is often done in conjunction with a face-lift, brow lift or laser skin resurfacing.


During your consultation, Dr. Boss will discuss your expectations and concerns, as well as post-operative care. He will also review your medical history to see if you have any opthalmolic condition that would be a contra indication to surgery. Pictures of patients who have been treated for similar problems will of course be available.


Eyelid surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, although you may request to have it done in a hospital. Dr. Boss usually uses local anesthesia alone. However, you can request to have an anesthesiologist administer intravenous anesthesia. When treating the upper eyelids, Dr. Boss uses microsurgery techniques and places a fine incision in the crease above each eye. He then removes excess skin and muscle, and very fine sutures are then carefully placed. To treat the lower lids, two approaches can be used. If excess skin needs to be removed a small incision is placed beneath the lower eyelash, then fat and excess skin are taken out and the incision is closed with very fine suture. If puffiness and fat are to be removed without excess skin, an incision can be made on the inside of the lower lid. Dr. Boss then gently removes the fat through this incision. He will often laser the lower lid to provide some tightening. Dr. Boss’s extensive experience in cosmetic surgery allows him to modify either of the above procedures and lift up the corner of the eyelid using a special suture technique.


The most common side effects are bruising and swelling. Dr. Boss recommends ice compresses aggressively for the first 24 hours. Oral antibiotics or antibiotic drops are prescribed for several days. Stitches are removed within 5 days and most patients return to work within a week. Makeup may be usually worn after 10 days, and contact lenses may be used within a few weeks.


When you are considering a dermatological or cosmetic treatment, nothing will make more of a difference in your results and experience than your choice of the right professionals experienced in dermatological, cosmetic and body contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures. The Doctors at Cosmetic Skin & Surgery Center are all board-certified so you know that they have been certified and have extensive training. Our complete and total skincare center is highly recognized and awarded by major organizations , which means we meet very high standards for safety, quality of care, and infection prevention.

To begin talking about your cosmetic treatment options, please schedule a consultation at one of our two locations today!

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