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Pearly Penile Papules Treatment


Pearly penile papules or angiofibromas of the penis are common benign dome shaped growths found on the corona of the penis in many males. They are usually confused by patients with genital warts. Although pearly penile papules (PPPs) are benign and are not sexually transmitted, they often have great psychological impact on patients. Many patients are concerned with the appearance of the lesions and the fact that their sexual partners may confuse them with a sexually transmitted disease.

There are safe and effective laser treatments available for pearly penile papules or angiofibromas of the penis. The CO2 laser can be used to effectively treat pearly penile papules generally through a one time procedure. Dr. Rapaport has had great success in the improvement of pearly penile papules with the laser and has treated numerous patients successfully.


If you suffer from pearly penile papules and desire a safe, painless and effective treatment, make an appointment with Dr. Rapaport to discuss your options. To make an appointment please call us at (201) 731- 4050 or
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