Microdermabrasion magic

Microdermabrasion is one of the most non-invasive treatments and rarely has a risks or side effects. It is one of the most effective treatments in reducing and eventually stopping the outbreak of acne. However, it is imperative to keep a few things in mind before undergoing this treatment. To begin with, first and foremost a detailed consultation must be had with an experienced and licensed dermatologist. The dermatologist may or may not allow it, depending on the medical condition and skin texture of the patient.

Microdermabrasion is always performed by a certified, licensed doctor or skin care specialist and requires no anesthesia. If however it is performed under unhygienic conditions, if the instruments are not sanitized or if it is done incorrectly then the patient has high chances of catching an infection. In this treatment, it is important to get the technique right and have the correct knowhow of operating the machine. If due to lack of knowledge, the machine is not set at the correct strength or is set too high, the patient’s skin might get damaged by pierced crystals exfoliate the skin. If the specialist or doctor is not careful while working around the eyes, the crystals may accidentally go in them.

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