Make-Up Tips For Seniors 50 And Over

Our skin undergoes lots of changes especially as we get aging and that is why we keep up with the changing skin texture. For women, make up is something they cannot do without in order to make them look more beautiful and elegant. However, as they age, the elasticity and texture of their skin also changes. And that is why proper make up regimen should be considered to embrace these changes. If you are in your 50s and beyond, the following make up routine will make you look your best every morning:

Prep your skin

The main aim of make up for any age is to ensure that the skin is in its best condition and this makeup cannot look good if your skin is not moisturized. You need to first take care of your dry and scaly skin that has been clogged with blackheads and dead cells. Clean your skin and moisturize it properly before applying any foundation. You can use a primer before you apply any concealer. Primer is so perfect that it allows for a smooth surface and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

Use the right foundation

To create a flawless look, you need to choose the right foundation. Go for liquid foundations with light diffusing pigments as they work wonders for mature skin and do not settle on the fine lines. They also reduce the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles.

Contour your neck and jawline

At the age of 50 it is likely that you have undefined jawline or saggy skin under the chin and these add years to your face. You need to contour your face so as to camouflage these imperfections. A bronzer that is three shades darker than the color of your skin will be your best bet and use a brush to sweep it along your jawline and under the your chin.


Choose their color with care because with age, your lips tend to look less plump. Choose glosses and lipsticks in bright colors like peaches and vibrant red to give your lips a fuller look. Darker colors will make your lips to appear thinner than what you expect.

Go for shimmery eyeshadows

Creamy eyeshadows are good moisturizers and they stay on longer while making your eyes not only to appear larger but also brighter. And eyeshadows come in different soft colors like pewter, champagne, pomegranate, honey and dull rose, and are classy and elegant.

Define your eyebrows

You will notice that eyebrows become thin with age and to camouflage this, you can fill the area with eyebrow pencil to frame your face and give an illusion of thicker brows that can make you look more youthful

Some imperfections can be hidden with a concealer

At their 50s, women get blemishes, dark spots and circles and these imperfections become more pronounced with age. You can camouflage this by using a good concealer that is liquid based.

While it is important to use make up to give you a youthful and elegant look, it is also important to know what make up is right for you. You are advised to consult your physician for the right kind of product for your skin.

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