Lips, Hips And Fingertips - Getting There Without The Cellulite

The wise men said that a good woman is not only about lips, hips and fingertips, which is true but in the world standards, you will measure your woman-ness using the features that define womanhood. It is easy to lose heart in a world where the media and the internet glorifies small and skinny women.

However, the issue of cellulite is unique because it is the only affliction in terms of “beauty” that affects all sizes of women. Clearly put you do not need to be big boned or heavy to have cellulite. It will affect anyone from size six to size sixteen; it is true that it mostly affects people who are overweight but skinny girls can get cellulite too.

It is a condition unique to women though and it is not clear why. One thing that is clear is that cellulite is a bone in your throat every time you see yourself on the mirror or when you catch a glimpse of it showing through your tight pants or on your arms. Where does it come from? Professionals and dermatologists give the following as causes of cellulite:

1. As mentioned earlier, being overweight will give you cellulite.

2. Lack of physical activity will lead to development of cellulite

3. A diet lacking in fiber and water will lead to cellulite formation.

4. Hormonal changes and imbalances

Cellulite is defined as a lump of subcutaneous fat that occurring under the skin causing dimpling on women's hips, arms, buttocks and thighs. This dimpling is more visible if your skin is darker. It can occur at the unlikeliest places as well as the areas of your body that will make you self-conscious. However if you want to look good and be confident in your bathing suit, you need to look at the following treatments of cellulite.

How do you treat cellulite?

Since it has been identified as one of the causes of loss of self-esteem in many women, pharmacists and researchers have put great effort on finding a permanent solution, which gets rid of the fat and the dimples.

Recently they have come up with a method of removing cellulite called Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a technique that is not completely invasive where the dermatologists insert a small tube under the affected area and remove the excess patch of the fat by melting them and cuts through the fibers that are held by the skin.

After this, the laser heats up the skin, this triggers the growth of collagen making the skin firm and looking young. Please note that this procedure needs to be done by a licensed dermatologist. It has permanent results and as long as you embrace a healthy way of living.

Other treatments include the use of creams, liposuctions, spa treatments, Mesotherapy, and laser treatment. All these treatments have been shown to work as long as they are complemented with a healthy way of living encompassing food, physical activity and the overall health of your body such as hormonal balance. Your dermatologist is in a position to explain this to you on your visit depending on your skin type, collagen thickness and so on.

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