How to Get the Ratios You Need for a Great Looking Body

Getting a great body is all about understanding the ratios that you need to build. Having great biceps and thin abs is one thing, but what will really make your abs look great and your biceps look great is ensuring that they look good in comparison with the rest of your body. It’s understanding the ratio of your hips to your waste, and of your shoulders to your chest, that allows celebrities to quickly develop the kinds of bodies that we all want. And the good news? If you use the right exercise and cool sculpting techniques, then it’s perfectly possible to get the same kind of physique yourself. Read on to find out how that works and how you maximise the impact of all your hard work.


When most people hit the gym to build muscle, they will tend to focus particularly on certain muscle groups that they find the most ‘interesting’ or the most aesthetic. To this end, most workouts will consist of lots of bicep curls, lots of bench presses and lots of butt clenches.

What these people don’t realise though, is that those muscles need context in order to look good. For instance, if you build your bicep without thinking at all about your triceps, then you will find that your arm still looks very thin – but as though it has an apple coming out the top. Your triceps actually make up 2/3rds of your arms, so if you want to build beefy arms you need to think about those triceps as well.

Likewise, in order for your arms to look good, you also need to train your shoulders (and particularly the outsides of your shoulders). It’s building the shoulders that will give you that satisfying-looking ‘triangle’ at the top of the side of your arm and this is what will make you look truly toned and defined. Likewise if you want your abs to look great, you need to train both the top and bottom abs and you need to workout the obliques to either side of them too.


All this will give you a detailed and cut looking physique that will look powerful rather than uneven. From there, you then need to build up the proportions you the way you want them to look. If you’re a guy trying to fight a flabby belly then, you can use sculpting techniques to remove the fat from there, but you will double the impact of that if you also train your pecs to push out more predominantly. The puffiness of your chest this way will make your stomach look proportionately flatter. Likewise, guys should attempt to remove the fat from their waist and hips while at the same time widening their shoulders by working out. This will create that Adonis-like ‘upside down triangle’ look.

Likewise, the ratio of your hips to your waist is also something very important – particularly for women. For women, big hips are actually a blessing, and if you manage to bring your waist in then you’ll find it gives you the kinds of curves that makes men go wild.

Think about your body in terms of the big picture and create pleasing ratios and contrasts, and you’ll find that you end up looking much more impressive as a result.

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