Full-disclosure on CoolSculpting in New Jersey Area: Body Controuring by Zeltiq NJ

Billed as a safer, faster and less painful alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting is a fairly new procedure that has gotten a lot of attention due to its revolutionary technology and the ability to remove unwanted fat without undergoing massive surgery. There are quite a few facts which are not being discussed however and we would like to give full disclosure of these so that you’ll be well informed and prepared when coming in for your consultation.

You May Need More Than One Treatment

Although some patients are satisfied with their results after one treatment (which reduces 20-25% of fat cells), some people may find that this does not give them their exact desired results. With multiple CoolSculpting treatments though (continually reducing fat cells by 20-25%), your anticipated outcome is easily achievable. The full results will not be noticeable until the fat cells have been eliminated from your body, which can happen as quickly as two months, or with some patients can take up to six months.

Painless and Quick? Not always…

Let’s just put it out there, even non-invasive procedures like CoolSculpting can be uncomfortable for some patients. This discomfort usually occurs within the first 5-15 minutes as the vacuum grabs the fat and skin. Once the patient knows the level of discomfort that is to be expected, the rest of the (approximately) one-hour procedure is generally less uncomfortable. CoolSculpting is often marketed as “only taking one hour,” which is only partially disclosing the procedure’s timetable. CoolSculpting takes approximately an hour PER AREA. It will take an additional hour for every other area that needs treatment. Each “love handle” is considered to be a separate area, so to effectively treat both sides, the procedure will take two hours. Then, the lower abdomen counts as an additional two areas, which could put the full procedure at 4 hours depending on how many areas the patient wants treated. This not only quadruples the time, but also the pain and the cost.

CoolSculpting vs. a Tummy Tuck

Unlike a tummy tuck, which removes not only the fat cells but also the saggy skin, Sometimes CoolSculpting can actually increase visibly saggy skin (visiting a sauna helps with it). When the fat cells are eliminated via CoolSculpting it is similar to if you were to lose weight the natural way, decreasing the amount of fat, but not necessarily increasing skin tightness. In order to get rid of excess sagging skin, some patients later make the decision to undergo a laser skin tightening treatment to get the smooth belly they’re looking for. CoolSculpting post-procedure instructions are similar to that of a tummy tuck: you should continue to follow a healthy diet and continue to exercise. The remaining fat cells will still increase in size if you do not follow a healthy eating and exercise regimen, and if you gain a lot of weight your old, undesired appearance may return.

When you come to Dr. Rapaport’s office he will explain all the facts about a href="https://cosmeticskin.com/program/coolsculpting-new-jersey/">CoolSculpting in New Jersey in-depth, making sure that you fully understand the procedure and what it can (and cannot) do for your appearance. His ultimate goal is to make you happy with how you look and how you feel about yourself, and not have to endure more pain, cost and time than is necessary in order to create a happier, slimmer, and healthier look you will get.

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