Exilis Treatment: The Best Body Contouring Option For Brides Who Don’t Have Time To Waste

If your wedding is very close, chances are that you are thinking of ways of making your body look the part, especially if you are the bride. For this, we have the perfect solutions for both skin and body care to ensure that you look as beautiful as possible. One that you might be interested in is the Exilis body contouring treatment. This makes it very easy for you to shape your body even if you only have a few days to your wedding. Some of the features that make this possible include:

It’s FDA approved

The Exilis treatment system is FDA approved, so you can be sure that it has gone through tons of testing to ensure that it’s safe and effective.

It’s non invasive

If you only have a few days to your wedding, chances are that you don’t want to have a scar-ridden body for the wedding and the honeymoon. The Exilis treatment method does not involve the use of any needles or any form of surgery to give you the perfect body shape, so this is a concern you don’t have to worry about. Your skin will remain intact and flawless during and after the procedure.

You don’t need any downtime after you get it done

With many other body contouring procedures, you might need some time off to let the negative effects of the process wear off. When you are just a few days to your wedding, this is a luxury that you might not be able to afford. It is during such times that most brides are putting final touches to their wedding plans, so a lot of activity is normally going on. With the Exilis body contouring treatment, you won’t need any downtime either to heal or to get rid of the treatment’s side effects. In fact, you can walk into our facility, get the procedure done and immediately get back on the horse with your wedding planning activities.

As you can see, getting this treatment is ideal when you don’t have much time to get any other form of body contouring such as through surgery. To save even more time, there are a couple of things you can do including:

• Make a booking with us in advance: we take our bookings very seriously, and won’t keep you waiting if you have made one. Doing an advance booking also means that when you come for the treatment, you will only need to walk through into the treatment room without any delays.

• Get rid of any jewellery: when you come for treatment, it’s advisable that you don’t come with any jewellery on you. This is especially so if you have things such as piercings which might take time to remove. Of course, we can do this for you, but if you are interested in saving as much time as possible, it would be wise to remove them before you come.

• Wear loose fitting clothing to make it easier to get in and out of your clothes.

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