Acne: Get To Know Your Enemy And Combat It!

The major misconception about acne is that it only occurs in teenagers, it is however found in all people who have been exposed to the various causes of the disorder. Acne has plagued more than half of the world and has made millions more become self-conscious and lost some of their self-esteem. This however should not be the situation as the medical profession has revolutionized and come up with a myriad of solutions that should reduce, prevent, and heal the lasting effects of Acne such as scars.

It is important to understand what acne is so that if you notice the signs you will be in a position to know what steps to take or who to see. There have been people who have confused a simple rash with acne and taken the wrong measures and vice versa. So what is acne? Acne is a condition where the skin gets inflammations producing pimpleish blemishes on the face, back, and chest of the patient. Various types of Acne that present themselves on the patient, these include:

1. Acne vulgaris: This by many standards is the most common type of acne, which occurs on adolescents and other mature people because of hormonal imbalances that occur because of changes going on in their bodies; these include pregnant women or people taking medicines for hormonal balance. This type of acne manifests itself as white heads, black heads, or papules.

2. Nodules and cysts: These types of acne present themselves as large, painful, and pulsating spots, which are very painful. Nodules are large, hard, and itchy such that you are prone to scratching them until you leave a scar or scars depending on the number of the nodules.

Cysts are on the other hand as big as nodules but are filled with pus and normally burst at the smallest pressure and leave nasty wounds and scars on your skin.

How to solve the problem of acne and its aftermath

Acne is painful, both physically and emotionally and society does not spare anyone who has the affliction. It is painful, leaves scars and is the source of ridicule and puns from people who do not have it. Other forms such as the cyst acne can be quite disturbing even to people who mean well; they are just not pleasant to look at. However, the good news is that there is a cure to the disorder and to the scars they leave. Yes, you should be smiling.

If you have spotted the onset of the acne, what you need to do is to use facial creams and solutions such as isotrtinion, proactive solutions, and other crèmes as prescribed by your dermatologist.

However if your acne developed into deep ugly scars, you should visit your dermatologist who can prescribe some easy to do but effective cosmetic procedures to restore your skin and give you a normal skin look. However it is important to note, although the dermatologist will point it out that some of the procedures are not permanent and need to be done periodically.

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