4 Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures In The Market Today

Every year, the number of cosmetic surgeries done grow in millions. People are becoming more used to having one or two things done. Reasons for cosmetic surgery range from; reconstructive surgery after getting injuries, beauty enhancements, killing insecurities that come with deformities, building self-esteem and many other reasons. Whichever the reason, cosmetic surgery will continue growing and with the ever changing, numerous technological advancements, the results after the procedures will become better and better.

At Cosmetic Skin and Surgery Centre, you get nothing but the best cosmetic work done on you. Patients are demanding for more and more work done on them. If you are thinking of having some work done or you want more of it, visit the center. Here are 4 most popular cosmetic procedures trending in the cosmetic industry, that are available at our Centre.

1 Botox

This has its reasons for being number one. Botox has several uses but the most common is its ability to fill your wrinkled skin. It has been questioned since it first got into the market, but its effects are not harmful (given that you do not overdose) and are long lasting.

On the flipside, Botox treatments can be quite costly and you therefore need to start saving up before visiting the cosmetic surgeon. The procedure involves tiny injection on the target area; note the word tiny, so it is not that painful. You can treat those wrinkles under your eyes, forehead and around the mouth, making you look five to ten years younger!

2 Non-surgical body sculpting

Body sculpting is an ancient technique used by mostly women to lose a few inches in size, without going under the knife. In addition, it is safe and consists of natural biological medicine used with the latest technology to remove fat and tone the body all at once. Another benefit of body sculpting is how fast the results come out without interfering with your health.

However, we consider several factors such as age, metabolic rate, gender and if you suffer from any medical condition that may be affected by the procedure (e.g. hypertension and diabetes), before the procedure is done. Our Centre has qualified staff in this department and strives to improve both your outer and inner body too.

3 Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are common for correcting any depressions you may have on your face such as scars and wrinkles. How does it work? Dermal fillers contain an acid found in your body, which is injected into the skin. We only take 30minutes to complete the procedure, with minimum side effects. The mention of injections should not worry you; beauty comes with a price my friend! So for such skin conditions, visit our Centre- this procedure could be the key to unlock the beauty behind the depressions.

4 Lazer hair removal

Are you tired of tweezing, waxing and always having to shave every other day? Well, there is a solution to unnecessary hair on your body and it is permanent, after three or four sessions. You can use laser treatment on almost any part of the body, as it is safe. Most patients at Cosmetic Skin and Surgery Center come for this treatment for their face, legs, underarm and bikini line; areas where hair does not look that attractive. Ask any patient about our services and you will only get one answer; the results are simply amazing!

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