Eclipse MicroPen TR: Non-Surgical Tattoo Removal NJ, Remove Tattoos in New Jersey

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Are you living with tatted regret? Don’t regret your unwanted ink remove it! Now, there is an option to safely remove your unsightly tattoos with ease utilizing the all-new Eclipse MicroPen TR™ for tattoo removal. This revolutionary new pen out performs all the standard creams, lasers and dermabrasion.


Over 45 million people have tattoos. Of those, nearly 20 percent regret it just like you and want to remove their ink. Old-school techniques can present a number of considerable downsides, from excessive expense or scarring to concerns about what will happen to the ink after other types of treatment.

If you’ve been searching for safe, effective and affordable solution, ask us about the Eclipse MicroPen TR™. This innovative device utilizes the Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR™) technique which delivers superior results compared to many of the other tattoo removal methods. Your unwanted ink is erased using natural products and a specially trained process similar to reverse tattoo methods. The Eclipse MicroPen TR™ technology not only dissolves the tattoo ink, it is then lifted from the body naturally minimizing lymphatic exposure. After a few sessions, you will finally be free of your undesirable artwork.


  • Affordable
  • Treats All Ink Colors
  • 3-5 Treatment Sessions
  • Comfortable Treatment

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